Ozone is a “supercharged” version of oxygen which makes it unique in helping the body to heal.

The body’s immune system naturally produces ozone to help it to do its job. If the body becomes depleted of oxygen, which is common in many people, the immune system struggles to perform its task and various conditions are allowed to thrive including bacteria, viruses, autoimmune disease and more.

Ozone therapy increases mitochondrial energy means that it can work quickly to improve the function of the immune system, which in turn means it is able to effectively fight “foreign bodies” in the body.

Ozone therapy works by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body. Oxygen is a safe, natural detoxifier and cleanser and has been shown to have antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, antiparasitic and antimicrobial activity. Every cell in the body needs adequate amounts of oxygen for proper detoxification, respiration and metabolism.

What Does Ozone Do in the Body?

Once introduced into the body, ozone does 4 main things:

  1. It’s a natural detoxifier. Just like ozone is used in water purification, air purification, and swimming pools to keep them clean, it can also do the same in your body. It is able to bind with toxins because it has an extra negative ion charge. Since most of the toxins in the environment and heavy metals have a positive charge, the ozone binds with them and neutralizes them into something that can no longer negatively affect our bodies, and then the body is able to remove them.
  2. It’s a natural antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic. When ozone comes into contact with these organisms they explode and die. Ozone is about 4,500 times more powerful at killing these organisms than chlorine bleach, and of course chlorine is very toxic to the body, whereas ozone is not.
  3. It’s a natural immune system booster. Just like the immune system produces its own ozone to defend and heal the body, the introduction of medical ozone into the body helps the immune system defend you better.
  4. It resets the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the organelles inside the cells that produce energy. Ozone allows them to reset and make more energy and this often leads to a decrease in fat.
  5. Improves the condition of the blood. Ozone therapy helps blood cells to function properly, improves cell motility, cleans the blood, improves circulation and cellular metabolism and tends to decrease uric acid in the body.

Ozone Therapy Has Broad Applications

Ozone therapy is a safe, effective treatment for a number of ailments including the following as well as most any condition you could think of:

How Will Ozone Therapy Work For You?

If you have one of the conditions listed above or some other chronic health condition, it’s possible that ozone therapy could be beneficial and help you recover. Many health conditions respond favorably to ozone therapy, helping the body to fend off stubborn bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and molds. It also helps the body to rapidly detoxify and sets the stage for a patient’s body to be able to recover, given proper nutrition and a healthy diet.

We use many different ozone therapy techniques at Alta Mountain Chiropractic to introduce ozone into the body, depending on the desired result.

How do you Administer Ozone Therapy?

Although ozone therapy has been around since the late 18th century, scientists and researchers are continuously doing further studies and clinical trials to prove its efficacy.

This led to the discovery that medical ozone can be administered to the human body in various ways. The correct method of administration depends on the patient’s overall health and medical condition.

At present, there are EIGHT METHODS of ozone therapy being offered at Alta Mountain Chiropractic.

1. Intramuscular Ozone Injection

This method involves injecting a small amount of the medical ozone/oxygen mixture directly into the patient. The treatment is used to relieve pain, repair, strengthen and regenerate the following structures: joints, cartilage, spinal discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, meniscus, and bursa. Ozone can also be added to other products to enhance benefits, this is called Prolozone.

2. Ozone Infrared Sauna

This therapy is an incredibly relaxing experience that combines the benefits of infrared sauna with ozone. This is done by laying in a small domed shaped infrared sauna while ozone feeds in through a small port at the patient’s feet.

3. Ozone Ear Insufflation

This method is mainly used to treat a number of ear issues. The medical ozone is pumped through the ear canal using a special type of catheter.

4.  Ozone Nasal Insufflation

Ozone nasal insufflation provides a safe method of inhaling ozone by filtering it first through olive oil. The ozone vapors are then inhaled using a device like the nasal cannula.

5. Ozonated Water

Usually used as a disinfectant to be used in the mouth and for some the G.I., this method requires ozone to be dissolved in water to produce a powerful biocide that can destroy all types of viruses and bacteria.

6. Ozonated Oil

Used primarily as an ointment or cream to treat skin problems, this method is almost the same as ozonated water, except it uses olive oil as a carrier.

7.  Ozone Bagging

This method involves placing a specialized bag around the infected area, then pumping the ozone/oxygen mixture into the bag and letting the skin absorb it. This method is often used to help prevent the infection of wounds or post-surgical incision sites. It’s also beneficial for killing bacteria and fungus that grow on the feet and hands.

8.  Rectal / Vaginal Insufflation

Developed in the 1930s, rectal/vaginal insufflation is a process where the medical ozone/oxygen mixture is introduced into the body through the rectum or the vagina with the use of a catheter.

The ozone/oxygen mixture is then absorbed by the large intestine and circulated through the bloodstream. Although the procedure sounds highly uncomfortable, rectal and vaginal insufflations are considered the safest ozone therapy methods for treating a variety of health problems.

Who Can Benefit from Ozone Treatments?

Restoring health with ozone is a very natural process and an increasing number of practitioners are using ozone therapy in their practices. Most patients are very comfortable with ozone treatments because they are reasonably non-invasive and can have fast-acting results.

Because ozone therapy provides the body’s immune system with the correct tools to do its job can be used to fight almost any condition including Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, herpes, Hashimotos thyroiditis, systemic lupus, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes type 1, musculoskeletal pain and Crohn’s disease and almost all conditions you can name.

Medically administered it is very effective as an antibacterial, germicidal, and anti-fungicidal agent.

Some of the ways that ozone therapy can be administered include: through the ears, vaginally, rectally, into the bladder and via injections.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy in the Body

  • purifies the blood & lymphatic system
  • detoxifies the liver
  • decreases uric acid in the body
  • improves circulation and oxygen supply
  • decreases fat (cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • kills viruses, bacteria and fungus
  • improves white blood cell activity (which neutralize viruses, bacteria, fungi & cancer)
  • improves cellular metabolism
  • slows down the aging process
  • tissue regeneration
  • reducing the clogging of blood cells

To schedule your ozone therapy appointment at Alta Mountain Chiropractic call us at (801) 523-2582.

To see a large number of scientific studies supporting the use of Ozone Therapy click here.


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