Sol Nyborg L.M.T.

Sol graduated from the Cortiva institute of Massage therapy (formerly known as UCMT) in March of 2019, and she has been working in chiropractic offices since. She specializes in deep tissue, prenatal massage, trigger point, and lymphatic drainage but has been trained in other modalities as well. Sol loves to hike, run, and be outside whenever possible. Sol married her high school sweetheart and together they have a 4 year old dog named Denali. 

Sol is a great therapist that always has a smile on her face and is just fun to be around and to talk to.

Makayla Porter L.M.T.

Since graduating from Utah College of Massage Therapy 7 years ago, Makayla has spent most of her career working in a chiropractic office. She enjoys helping patients who are dealing with an injury, chronic pain, or every day stresses. She is trained in a number of modalities but her favorites are: Swedish/Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Scraping, Sports, and Structural Massage. In addition to doing massage, Makayla is a Jazzercise Fitness Instructor. She loves to sing, dance, watch movies, and spend time with her husband and their adorable dog.

Since working for Alta Mountain Chiropractic Makayla has developed over the years a loyal following of patients that love her massage techniques and the therapy she provides.

If you are interested in a massage or manual therapy from skilled individuals that can help you with your aches and pains then call us at (801) 523-2582 and schedule your appointment today.