Why should you bring mobile chiropractic to your office?

    • No cost to your company: Actually, it will save your company money. Mobile chiropractic care has shown to reduce doctor visits, x-rays, MRIs, surgeries and other expensive procedures, which lowers your healthcare premiums.


    • Increase worker productivity: Mobile chiropractic can be done over a coffee break. The employee doesn’t need to take hours coming and going for care. Studies show happy, healthy employees work more effectively.


    • Reduce employee sick days: 80% of Americans will experience debilitating low back pain in their lifetime. It is the second most common reason for sick days, second only to the common cold.


    • Saves employee benefits: Mobile Chiropractic is inexpensive and cash based. No healthcare visits are used so the patient saves chiropractic visits for more serious concerns. HSA and other flex spending accounts can be used for on-site care.


  • Additional Benefit to your employees: The most prevalent chronic medical conditions are back, neck and severe headache pain, all of which have been shown to respond well to chiropractic.

Common questions

    • How much is it? The cost is $30 for a full body adjustment, which is about a typical co-pay.


    • Can I use my insurance? No, mobile chiropractic is 100% cash basis and insurance is not billed. This is a benefit to both the employer and the employee, as the employee saves their chiropractic visit and the employer saves on premiums which can help lower company healthcare costs.


    • How do I pay you? Cash, check and Venmo are preferred, however debit and credit cards are accepted with a small transaction fee.


    • Can I use my HSA or flex spending card? Yes, because this is a medical service your benefit cards can be used, however they work like a credit card so a small transaction fee will apply.


    • What if I only have a few employees? The minimum amount is $90 (3 employees) for locations within a 15 minute drive time for our office location. Over a 15 minute drive time will have a larger minimum fee but will be assessed on a case by case basis.


    • What if I’m the only one will you still come? Yes, the same minimums apply. However, some people choose to pay the full $90 just for the convenience of care at their location.


    • What’s my office liability? Dr. Eldredge is a fully licensed chiropractor in the state of Utah and fully insured. Dr. Eldredge treats the patient’s the same on-site as he would in his office, the patient receives a full exam with treatment.


    • Do you do massage? Dr. Eldredge most often provides a few minutes vibrational massage to relax the muscle and the body prior to the adjustment. If massage is wanted, a massage therapist may come with Dr. Eldredge upon request.


  • What if my employee has extreme pain? We have an office location in Sandy that they may visit for more severe pain. There they will receive more care such as spinal distraction, adjustments and physical therapy modalities, all of which can be billed to their insurance if needed.

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