Think you don’t have enough time to run? Are you organizing your life? Do you map out your day, your week and the things that you want to accomplish? Well, running can actually help you do that. Try this technique to find time and to make your day more efficient at the same time. All you need are 3 simple things.

Running Shoes

Post-it Notes


I’m guessing you already understand the great health benefits for running, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to find time to run. So I’m going to skip the long list of health benefits, but trust me there are many.

People that aren’t currently running or exercising often say, “I just can’t find time to run.” Which often means, “I don’t organize my life enough to find 20-30 minutes for myself.” If this is true in your case, try this technique and you’ll find more than enough time to run.

First start running and get the blood flowing, it doesn’t matter if it’s on a treadmill or in the park. By increasing your blood flow you’ll think clearer and have an increased ability to focus.

Turn off the electronics. Use this time to contemplate what you need to do that day or that week. Think through your day and how you can best accomplish your long list of tasks.

Once you have ran for 10-15 minutes stop get your breath and then write down your thoughts and agenda on your post-it notes.

Now, as you run back, you can turn on your music and relax because you’re day has a road map.

I know you’re thinking to yourself, “yeah right, that won’t do anything I can’t find 20-30 minutes to start.” But trust me, if you try this you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to accomplish by mapping out your day and you’ll get much more effective at running your life while you improve your health.

Dr. Nathan T. Eldredge

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