Have been going to Alta Mountain for years. Love Nathan Eldredge. He is a great guy/Doctor and has helped me with so MANY different issues. He’s a good listener and advisor. Thanks Dr. Eldredge.
Barbara B.

I was one of those people who has been afraid to see a chiropractor my whole life. The misinformation and preconceived notions that I had about seeing a chiropractor were completely nullified after one visit to Dr. Eldredge!

After suffering from debilitating lower back pain caused by a previously herniated disc I was desperate for relief and sought out recommendations from friends for chiropractors. I chose Dr. Eldredge completely on the fact that he had good ratings, was close by, and could get me in for a same-day appointment. I am so grateful that fate was on my side and I was able to get into this office! Not only was Nate thorough, and gentle with my fragile back condition, but he was also upfront about treatment plans and was DEFINITELY not out to price-gouge me! He is the epitome of a professional and definitely a doctor who has his patients’ best interest in mind.

I’m only on day 2 of my treatment today and I cannot begin to tell you the relief I feel. I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in a week, I am standing and walking and am able to return to work. I think he might be a miracle worker!
Natalie W.

I stopped in to see my friend Nate Eldredge at Alta Mountain yesterday. We were best friends growing up. He is one of the best people I know. Such a nice guy. I had been having some serious pain in my foot for quite a while. The pain was on the outside of my right ankle, just in front of that big bone that sticks out. It felt like it needed to pop/something was out of place. I asked Nate if he had ever dealt with something like that and he said he had. I was in his office 30 minutes later and he put everything back into place. It was simple! Feels so much better. This had been going on for possibly a year and he thinks it was probably caused by rolling my ankle, most likely trail running. If you need anything aligned Nate is the man! Thank you my friend!
Tyson E.

When I was pregnant I had severe hip pain with every step for about 12 weeks. After one visit with Dr. Eldredge my pain was completely gone. He was kind, professional, and his staff seemed well organized. It’s been years now and I’m still so grateful for his help!
Caroline H.

I came in to see Dr. Eldredge because of neck pain and mobility. He is very knowledgeable and really cares about his patients. He was able to reset my neck and relax my muscles, to the point that I got most of my neck mobility back. I walked away feeling much better! I’ll definitely be revisiting Dr.E!:)
Ingrid M.

Dr Eldredge is an incredible chiropractor. He is focused on the needs of the client and doesn’t do more than is necessary. Dr Eldredge is very knowledgeable and professional. He’s by far my favorite chiropractor that I’ve seen.
Sara S.

Dr. Eldredge is AWESOME! I started seeing him about 4 years ago when I herniated two discs in my lower spine. I never thought I’d be the same, but I was wrong! After seeing Dr. E for several months and working with spinal distraction machine as well as with physical therapy, I feel very normal most of the time and I have been able to get back into the things I love like hiking, yoga, and rock climbing. I can’t thank him enough for his care and knowledge, and now I have my whole family and many of my friends seeing him! I currently go for a monthly maintenance visit and am glad that Dr. E is young so that he can be my chiropractor for many years to come!
Brittany M.

I’ve been going to Dr. Eldredge for several years and I always look forward to my adjustments. He is able to relieve the pain I have in my neck, hips and ankles due to the stress of my sciolosis. I have also started getting massages with every visit and that’s just an added bonus. I highly recommend him and the new location is great!
Jenny S.

No need to go anywhere else. This guy is the bomb! I’ll be going every couple weeks because my job requires that I drive 100+ miles a day & my back has felt AMAZING even 4 days after my initial adjustment. Seriously quit procrastinating and just go visit Dr. Eldredge!!!
Mike K.

We love Dr. Eldredge! He adjusts my little kids with ease and my one son calls him the “pop pop! doctor”. We never have to wait for our appointments longer than a few minutes! Thanks!
Lindsey B.

I have enjoyed visiting this clinic – one of the best dr offices that I’ve been to in awhile! Dr Eldredge has helped with my neck and back pain for three years now and I can definitely see improvement over that time span. He also has been great for dealing with short term issues (working out kinks after several moves and working out kinks when I’ve had to travel for work). He is a great doctor and the office staff has always been kind, knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Eldredge.
Jennifer H.

About 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with degenerative disease in my spine. It had come up quickly, and my general doctor had thought it would be necessary to put me on steroids and pain medicine indefinitely. I was in extreme pain and having trouble walking and sleeping.

My sister recommended Dr. Nathan Eldredge, so before I began my treatment, I came in and spoke with him. Initially, I began seeing him three times a week. After about two or three weeks I began to feel better. It continued to improve, and after two months, I felt much, much better. My visits became more spread out, and I’m now, after six months, completely pain free (with no medication and no steroids). I maintain appointments every six weeks, and feel healthy as ever.
Chris G.

The staff at Alta Mountain are very friendly and Dr. Nathan Eldredge is very friendly and professional. I came in with a lower back injury and in a lot of pain, within a short time he had me walking and standing straight, and the pain was a lot better. I would highly recommend Dr. Eldredge and his staff at Alta Mountain Health and Wellness.
Todd D.

I have an entire array of chiropractic nightmares that plague me. 😉 After having children, my hip had shifted. It was causing me a lot of pain. I called Alta Mountain Health & Wellness and made an appointment. I love that they are open most of the week which accommodates my schedule. Dr. Nathan T. Eldredge is very professional. He is not super aggressive in his treatments, meaning he doesn’t just chase the pop. I have found that I am healing more quickly with this approach and I don’t leave feeling like I have been abused. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Eldredge.
Julie A.

I have been to many chiropractors in my life and Nathan is the best yet. You will be completely satisfied I am sure. Do yourself a favor, look no further and make an appointment

I saw Dr. Eldredge this summer after a bad ankle sprain from a mountain biking accident. He was very knowledgeable, showing me exercises to do on my own that would help me regain joint mobility. After six weeks of his care I saw my swelling greatly reduced and was able to return my regular activity level. He’s very personable and cares about your individual needs.

Hi my name is Barb and I wanted to tell my success story with the Bio Puncture injections with Dr. Nathan Eldredge.

My symptoms are varied. Sciatica problem on right side and stiff, achy & sometimes even painful knees; walking even short distances my sciatica would tighten up and I could hardly put one foot in front of the other.

I started my bio puncture injections in the spring. My very first injection was extremely effective. I received them in the hip and low back area. Within less than 12 hours my hip was feeling free of aches and pains and within less than 24 hours my knee felt great. I could get up out of a chair and immediately start walking. Even walked around our block which is something I haven’t been able to do for a very long time. Went to the movies and after sitting for about 2 hours, got up and was able to walk out with no pain or stiffness.

I have now had 4 different series of injections and feel like I am able to go longer each time between treatments. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend anyone to give them a try.
Barbara B. Age 66