After graduating and starting my practice back in 2007, I have seen a lot of patient with muscle, nerve and joint pains also known as neuromusculoskeletal pain. Over the last decade I have seen many of those patients respond well to conservative care and improve quickly. I’ve also seen others that have taken much longer to respond and some that need repetitive care and those that have not responded well at all. Well, my goal with practicing has always been to help people improve their health and returning to normal life as quickly as possible; however, I wondered why some respond so much better than others. Often, patients come to my office and would tell me they have a new pain that started without injury and has been getting progressively worse. Their comment is often, “I think it’s that I’m getting older.” Which, this doesn’t sound like an odd statement, until you start hearing it from twenty year olds.

People of all ages are getting intense bouts of pain for relatively minor issues; and because of this it has sent me on a journey to add more to my practice and to try and help those people with this repetitive pain from minimal or little cause. So I first thought the problem must lay in the person’s posture! I really thought that’s what I need to focus on, I needed to correct the way people stand, sit and work and that would resolve these reoccurring neuromusculoskeletal pains. So I proceeded in additional training in posture and manual therapy to work and release the muscles and I’m now certified as a “Posture Expert.” Well, as a Certified Posture Expert, I can tell you that posture is very important and it has helped me reach a lot of people that needed help, but it wasn’t the answer I was looking for. So this started me looking again.

That’s when I found Functional Medicine and I started to look at the missing connections to my patient’s neuromusculoskeletal pains. I now better understand what some of my patients were missing. Pain is often the result of dysfunction whether that’s mechanical dysfunction from improper movements or internal dysfunction from nutrient imbalance, prolonged stress that raises and distorts hormones in the body or a long list of other causes; whatever the cause of these dysfunctions all can result in pain and often chronic pain. A large number of patients aren’t in a state of disease but in a state of dysfunction. The goal of Functional Medicine is to find and determine the root cause of a person’s dysfunction to help the patient’s body correct the issues.

My goal is to continue to grow our Functional Medicine foundation here at Alta Mountain Chiropractic and to offer a variety of natural treatments to help restore dysfunction and your body’s natural healing.

Dr. Nathan T. Eldredge DC CPE